Chesapeake Affair

Commodore Barron, himself wounded, seeing the futility of allowing his ship and crew to suffer more unanswerable volleys, ordered the colors struck.In his mind Chesapeake became a prize. Ship damage from such sort range attacks was considerable. The crew had 3 dead, 18 wounded.

Immediately several British officers where sent aboard, the books where presented, three hundred and seventy-five crew stood at muster for a foreign power aboard an American ship of war. Of that number it is reported 12 where British subjects. As they where not deserters they where left be.

Three more, Martin, Ware, and Straehan where from the Melampus, these men Commodore Barron had sent explanations about to the British closing the subject in his mind. Ratford, of the Halifax, was not present but was found hiding below decks. These four where taken aboard the Leopard.