Chesapeake Affair

   Both the Patriote and Syebelle (sometimes referred to as Cybele) managed to make Chesapeake Bay, (about August 30th) Patriote put in at Annapolis Maryland while the Syebelle found her way to Norfolk Virginia. They where both severely damaged and repairs would be delayed further due to the unreliable nature of payment methods offered by the French. Nor was their presents in the bay unknown to the British. It is possible the French where in no hurry to have repairs completed as they where allowed, by international law, to stay in a neutral port to take on supplies or effect repairs. It was not long before the cape was afoul with British ships of war.


On September 12th 1806 a British squadron under Sir R Strahan arrived in Chesapeake Bay. They had also suffered damage in the August gale. On the 20th of September Sir John Borlase Warren also appeared on the capes with six ships of the line.