Chesapeake Affair

August 18th 1806, a French fleet sails off the cost of Bermuda under the command of Admiral Williamez (or perhaps Guillamez) and Jerome Bonaparte. The crew and captains are watching the sky with apprehension; a sailor knows when a storm is brewing.

August 19th, the clouds darken to an almost nighttime hue, the winds pickup, with them come the rough seas, the fleet is battered by wind, rain, and wave, perhaps a man or two are lost. Anything that is not battened down is swept away; the ships are under such tremendous pressure that creaks can be heard above the pounding rain and roar of hurricane force winds.

August 20, the storm continues to batter the fleet, each ship in a desperate battle to survive, its captain and crew working with all possible speed, applying every seaman’s skill, strength and sailor’s trick, to perhaps escape with their lives. The men are wet, cold, tired, hungry, and fearful, they curse and they pray!