Chesapeake Affair

\This information was duly reported to Vice Admiral George Carnfield Berkeley commanding the Vessels on the North American Station. He was informed of the escapes, the request for the return of the deserters, the refusal of the American officials to do so, the deserters parading in front of their officers protected by the United States flag, the magistrate and the recruiting officer, all this was said to anger him and in such a state he wrote out orders to the commanders of all British naval vessels of the North American Station.

The order dated June 1st instructed all Commanders and Captains of his fleet to watch for the Chesapeake, and when found outside the waters of the United States to stop and search her for deserters. At the time of this order the Admiral was unaware that the deserters from the Melampus had joined the Chesapeake. He was referring to the men from the Halifax they being by name, Hill, North, Ratford, Saunders, Hubert. These orders where carried by the HMS Leopard to the fleet at Lynnhaven there delivered to Captain Douglas commanding the Bellona.