Chesapeake Affair

 Commodore Barron insisted that the Chesapeake was a prize but Captain Humphreys refused to claim her. It should be noted here that in the British version Captain Humphreys offered assistance at this time, it is not noted what Commodore Barron’s response was but let us just state that no assistance was given.

From here the Leopard, amazingly enough, returned to anchor in the capes, leaving Commodore Barron to limp his crippled ship and demoralized crew back to port, past not only the British Squadron, but the very vessel that had inflected damage and death.

The USS Chesapeake was a mess; she had taken 22 round shot to her hull, her mast damaged beyond repair, her pump working and three feet of water in the hold. Three dead, 18 including Commodore Barron wounded, four taken. It was a sad day for the U. S. Navy. Someone would have to pay.